How to Prepare for your CWI Course

How to Prepare for your CWI Course

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The word is out that the Certified Welding Inspector (CWI) Examinations are tough and the CWI Preparatory course is even tougher.  If you have recently signed up for a CWI course, you’ll want to arrive as prepared as possible. Real Educational Services offers a CWI Pre-Course online and other one week courses in the classroom to help you get ready for the loads of information that will be presented during the CWI course.  Having some prior exposure to the topics makes learning and retaining much easier.  Let us help you get set up for success today!

Image of someone weldingWhat is the CWI Course?

The CWI course covers a foundation of knowledge for all welding inspectors, from Processes to Metallurgy to Non-Destructive Examination.  To truly understand what is happening when materials are being welded, how the process works and how to verify the weld is acceptable goes much deeper than just looking at welds.  Our CWI Preparatory is offered with three different Options to allow students to choose which approach will best fit their learning needs.  Option 1 is totally in the classroom, Option 2 is a mix of online and classroom learning and Option 3 is completely online.  Assessing your current knowledge level and knowing what type of instruction is best for you makes all the difference.  We can help you decide which Option is right for you.  Just give us a call!

Image of someone weldingWelding Fundamentals

In order to pass the AWS exam, you must gain understanding of the Welding Fundamental topics and not just memorize answers to questions you may have been given.  The more you focus on understanding the complete process from design and purchasing material to inspection of production welds and acceptance criteria, the better you will be able to answer any question that comes at you on the Part A exam.  Consider Option 2 for having 90 days to focus on these topics.  The better you understand the material the more relaxed you will be on test day.  


Image of someone weldingBook of Specifications

In the day-to-day duties of a CWI you will be verifying materials as required by drawings are being used, welding is performed according to the Welding Procedure(s), welders who are properly certified are doing the welding and inspecting production welds according to the appropriate Codes, Standards and Specifications.  The Part B Exam uses the Book of Specifications as a document that represents those Codes, Standards and Specifications.  As we can see there is good reason for the Book of Specifications to involve all of these aspects of the CWI duties.  When you learn how to apply the Book of Specifications and pass the Part B Exam it shows you are ready to begin performing some of the duties of a CWI.  Sign up for Option 1 or 2 today to get person-to-person instruction and be prepared for the Part B Exam!


Image of someone weldingSCWI Prep

Already have your CWI and looking to achieve even more? Consider enrolling in a Senior CWI course to add a new certification to your resume.  Those who have a minimum of 6 years as a CWI and 15 years in the field are allowed to take the SCWI exams, although there are other requirements to be aware of.  At Real Educational Services, we offer a special SCWI Preparatory course to help ensure that you are fully able and ready to take and pass these senior-level exams.  

Learn everything you need to know to be a highly qualified and successful Certified Welding Inspector with the help of our CWI preparatory tips and courses. Sign up today!

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