Experience Makes A Difference, Be Prepared with Real Educational Services

Experience Makes A Difference, Be Prepared with Real Educational Services

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Interested in becoming certified as a welding inspector? Real Educational Services offers top-rated online Certified Welding Inspector (CWI) courses and preparatory courses. Learn more about our company and why you should choose us when it comes to your CWI course.

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About Our Team

At Real Educational Services, we provide CWI lessons from our highly experienced teaching staff. With over 100 years of combined experience, we work hard to deliver quality classes to help our students be ultimately successful when taking their exam. We work closely with all of our students to ensure that they are on track with their CWI course so that they can actively learn these new techniques that will become useful in their new career ventures. If you need help with homework, no problem — we open every morning at 7 am and allow our students to stay until 8 pm to work on homework in our distraction-free training facilities!

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Our Training Philosophies

It’s critical that we see our students succeed — in order to provide them with the highest quality technical training, we see that our instructors follow these intentions as well. Our instructors teach with the philosophies that they are here to enhance the knowledge and skills of their students, to assist them in their highest-reaching career efforts, and to ensure that they are trained to follow all quality and safety standards of the welding industry. Through hands-on training experiences and technologies, our instructors at Real Educational Services are able to offer comprehensive training in the quality and welding inspection field.

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Our Objectives

As our name implies — one of our main objectives is to be able to provide “real” training experiences that lead to “real” skills and knowledge retention, and with that, “real” jobs, as well. We understand that partaking in a CWI or other course is a commitment, as we’re here to help our students succeed and grow through real hands-on training experiences and study help.

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Our Course Design

The training courses that we provide at Real Educational Services are designed to be innovative, interesting, and technically sound. Each course uses multiple training aids, with hands-on training being the most important focus. Students will participate in practical welding exercises, which will mimic real-life scenarios that they may come across as a welding inspector down the road. As students continue through the course, the training experiences and shop environment will get more complex and challenging.

Get Started Today With Our Highly Experienced Team

We’re dedicated to your success — if you’re looking for a CWI course, SCWI course, or other technical welding certification course offered by a team of real instructors who truly care about your education, rely on Real Educational Services. View our available online courses, class schedules, class locations, and contact us today for more information.

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