Career Prospects for CWIs

Welding inspector at work

Certified Welding Inspectors (CWIs) are in high demand. The job of a CWI is to inspect welds in order to ensure they are performed properly and to the highest standards. After all, a lot can be at stake if welds cannot hold up to their job. Real Educational Services offers CWI Preparatory and other welding inspection courses. Below, we’ll take a look at the career prospects for a CWI. Sign up for a CWI course today!


Certified welding inspectors are in demand all over the United States. If you are willing to travel to different job locations, there is no shortage of work. Seeing different parts of the country or going to some place warm when it’s cold where you are has its perks.

Varied Work

There are a lot of different specialties for certified welding inspectors, and the work can vary, too. For instance, you can choose to be a contractor, setting up your own business, or you can work for a company who regularly requires CWI work.

Opens the Door to More Opportunities

The welding industry is vast, and once you obtain your CWI certification, you will open the door to even more career possibilities. You can specialize further, such as becoming a certified pipeline welding inspector or a pressure vessel inspector. The sky’s the limit.

Constant Learning

Certified welding inspectors are constantly learning, especially as technology continues to impact the industries that welders are in demand, such as construction, aerospace, and oil and gas. Having your CWI certification enables an inspector to fill many different positions which is a benefit to those who become bored easily with the same daily routine.


Real Educational Services offers courses to teach you the ins and outs of becoming a certified welding inspector. In addition, we do our best to prepare you for the challenging six-hour American Welding Society (AWS) examination that you must pass in order to be certified. With over 44 years in this industry, trust our expertise to help further your career prospects. Enroll in a CWI course today!