Set Your Sights On Success! AWS CWI tests are not based on your field experience and knowledge from that experience. Test questions are based on information from books instead. To pass the first time you need to consider where you should begin. Most students who have to repeat the tests say "I didn't know there would be so much to it." Carefully consider your knowledge of the topics, like different Welding Processes, Welding Symbols and AWS Terminology before you jump into the CWI course. Experience using Codes, Standards and Specifications and taking written exams is also very important. Which Pathway Should You Choose?

Pathway to Success #1

If You Have:

No recent classroom experience

No recent written testing experience

Mostly Welding or NDE experience


We Suggest These Courses:

Fundamentals of Welding Inspection

CWI Pre-Course Online

Applications of Visual Welding Inspection

CWI Preparatory Option 1 or 2

Pathway to Success #2

If You Have:

Some Inspection experience

Work with Code Books already

Prior Welding or NDE experience

Have taken the test before


We Suggest These Courses:

CWI Pre-Course Online

CWI Preparatory Option 1 or 2

Pathway to Success #3

Prefer Online Training

Ready to Study at Your Own Pace for 90 days

Disciplined to Set a Study Schedule

Need more than 2 weeks to learn the material

Not a Procrastinator


We Suggest These Courses:

CWI Preparatory Option 2 or 3

Step 1 To Preparing For The AWS CWI Examinations. If you have heard the CWI is difficult, it is true. There are many people who underestimate the amount of learning to be done during the 2-week course. To help our students warm up to the topics covered on the AWS CWI examinations and get ready for the CWI Preparatory, we are now offering a full week in the classroom covering introductory topics such as Welding Processes, Destructive and Non-destructive Testing and Hands-on practice with real welded samples, applying real Code criteria.

StartDateEndDateLocationLink to Class
04/17/2304/21/23Hempstead, TXClick Here to Pre-Register
11/06/2311/25/23Hempstead, TXClick Here to Pre-Register

Price:  $900

30 Days Online To Use As A Pre-Course Study Prior To Taking The Two Week In Classroom CWI Preparatory. If an instructor covering all the information and reviewing questions increases your ability to learn instead of just reading the information but still want to stay at home, try this short course layout. Videos, just like lectures in class and quizzes that can provide the repetition needed to soak up information prior to entering the classroom environment. Reminder, this is a Pre-course over major topics only.

Price:  $350 with payment for CWI Option 1 or 2

Learn the Welding Inspector’s Job. Enjoy one full week of hands-on instruction covering all aspects of welding inspection in our shop and classroom facility in Ellijay, GA. The simulated job begins with drawings and materials and ends with NDT and hydro-testing. Qualification of a welding procedure and every stage of welding inspection will be performed and documented. Before stepping out into the world of inspection with a new CWI card, get prepared and, if you are a CWI already, collect 40 hours of training toward the CWI renewal. This course is conducted in the shop and classroom so bring appropriate clothing.

Pre-requisite: CWI or successful completion of the CWI Pre-Course.


StartDateEndDateLocationLink to Class
03/20/2303/24/23Ellijay, GAClick Here to Pre-Register
08/28/2309/01/23Ellijay, GAClick Here to Pre-Register
10/09/2310/13/23Ellijay, GAClick Here to Pre-Register

Price:  $1050


Two Week Course in Classroom.This course is conducted  in two consecutive weeks, Monday through Friday, with homework each night and on weekend during the course. The first week is dedicated to learning Welding Fundamentals and how to use the API 1104 or AWS D1.1, whichever you chose to test with. The second week is dedicated to preparation for the Practical Examination and refining your test taking skills.  If you prefer to have an instructor in person for the complete presentation, then this is the course for you. Remember, there is an enormous amount of information to be presented so the course will move at a moderate pace. Completion of all daily homework assignments is a must to be successful.  Driving too far each day or entertaining loved ones does not allow the total focus necessary to pack all this information in with just two weeks.  A tough two weeks of complete immersion in this course is required!

StartDateEndDateLocationLink to Select ClassPart B TestDateApplication DeadlineFast Track Deadline
11/14/2211/25/22Hempstead, TXClick Here to Pre-Register11/26/2210/9/22
11/28/2212/9/22Pascagoula, MSClick Here to Pre-Register12/10/2210/23/22
12/5/2212/16/22Hempstead, TXClick Here to Pre-Register12/17/2211/2/22
1/30/232/10/23Pascagoula, MSClick Here to Pre-Register2/11/2312/30/221/27/23
2/13/232/24/23Hempstead, TXClick Here to Pre-Register2/25/231/8/232/5/23
3/13/233/24/23Ellijay, GAClick Here to Pre-Register3/25/232/5/233/5/23
3/27/234/7/23Morgan CityClick Here to Pre-Register4/8/233/11/233/19/23
4/17/234/28/23Hempstead, TXClick Here to Pre-Register4/29/233/11/234/8/23
5/15/235/26/23Ellijay, GAClick Here to Pre-Register5/27/234/8/235/6/23
5/29/236/9/23Pascagoula, MSClick Here to Pre-Register6/10/234/22/235/21/23
6/12/236/23/23Hempstead, TXClick Here to Pre-Register6/24/234/29/235/27/23
7/17/237/28/23Morgan CityClick Here to Pre-Register7/29/236/11/237/8/23
8/7/238/18/23Ellijay, GAClick Here to Pre-Register8/19/238/1/237/29/23
9/4/239/15/23Hempstead, TXClick Here to Pre-Register9/16/237/29/238/26/23
9/18/239/29/23Pascagoula, MSClick Here to Pre-Register9/30/238/12/239/9/23
10/2/2310/13/23Ellijay, GAClick Here to Pre-Register10/14/239/9/2310/7/23
10/16/2310/27/23Morgan CityClick Here to Pre-Register10/28/239/9/2310/7/23
10/30/2311/10/23Hempstead, TXClick Here to Pre-Register11/11/2309/23/2310/21/23
11/27/2312/8/23Pascagoula, MSClick Here to Pre-Register12/9/2310/21/2311/18/23
12/4/2312/15/23Hempstead, TXClick Here to Pre-Register12/16/2310/31/2311/28/23
StartDateEndDateLocationLink to Select ClassPart B TestDateApplication DeadlineFast Track Deadline

Price:  $1800

Take Parts A and C Online for 90 Days and Part B in Classroom Right Before Your Part B Test   This is the second week of the two week course dedicated to preparation for the Practical Examination and refining your test taking skills. If you would like more time to absorb the Fundamentals and to practice in your Open Book, this would be a better plan.  90 days access to our online program and then attend the Part B week to get hands-on and instruction in the classroom.  This is a great advantage over the two week course! During this week students must develop complete understanding of the Part B Book of Specifications and master identification and measuring flaws on plastic replicas of welds. Completion of all daily homework assignments is a must to be successful. Driving too far each day or entertaining loved ones does not allow the total focus necessary to pack all this information in with just one week. This is undoubtedly the toughest part of the two week course, so come ready to dig in on Monday!

StartDateEndDateLocationLink to Select ClassPart B TestDateAWS Application DeadlineFast Track Deadline
11/21/2211/25/22Hempstead, TXClick Here to Pre-Register11/26/2210/9/22
12/5/2212/9/22Pascagoula, MSClick Here to Pre-Register12/10/2210/23/22
12/12/2212/16/22Hempstead, TXClick Here to Pre-Register12/17/2211/2/22
2/6/232/10/23Pascagoula, MSClick Here to Pre-Register2/11/2312/30/221/23/23
2/20/232/24/23Hempstead, TXClick Here to Pre-Register2/25/231/8/232/5/23
3/20/233/24/23Ellijay, GAClick Here to Pre-Register3/25/232/5/233/5/23
4/3/234/7/23Morgan City, LAClick Here to Pre-Register4/8/233/4/233/19/23
4/24/234/28/23Hempstead, TXClick Here to Pre-Register4/29/233/11/234/9/23
5/22/235/26/23Ellijay, GAClick Here to Pre-Register5/27/234/8/235/7/23
6/5/236/9/23Pascagoula, MSClick Here to Pre-Register6/10/234/22/235/21/23
6/19/236/23/23Hempstead, TXClick Here to Pre-Register6/24/234/29/235/28/23
7/24/237/28/23Morgan CityClick Here to Pre-Register7/29/236/11/237/9/23
8/14/238/18/23Ellijay, GAClick Here to Pre-Register8/19/238/1/238/26/23
9/11/239/15/23Hempstead, TXClick Here to Pre-Register9/16/237/29/238/26/23
9/25/239/29/23Pascagoula, MSClick Here to Pre-Register9/30/238/12/239/9/23
10/9/2310/13/23Ellijay, GAClick Here to Pre-Register10/14/239/9/2310/7/23
10/23/2310/27/23Morgan City, LAClick Here to Pre-Register10/28/239/9/2310/7/23
11/6/2311/10/23Hempstead, TXClick Here to Pre-Register11/11/239/23/2310/21/23
12/4/2312/8/23Pascagoula, MSClick Here to Pre-Register12/9/2310/21/2311/18/23
12/11/2312/15/23Hempstead, TXClick Here to Pre-Register12/16/2310/31/2311/28/23
StartDateEndDateLocationLink to select ClassPart B TestDateAWS Application DeadlineFast Track Deadline

Price:  $1400


90 Days Online Access To All Three Preparatory Parts: Welding Fundamentals, Practical Exam Prep And API 1104 Or AWS D1.1 As Well As Plastic Replicas And Tools Sent To You For The Last 30 Days Of Your Course. This option of preparing for the CWI exams allows our students to work their studies around their schedule in their own environment. Upon completion of the Welding Fundamentals, Practical and Code Preparation online, the replicas and tools will be sent to you for 30 days and used along with the instructional videos online for the hands-on portion of the Part B Exam.  Learn to measure weld size, joint preparation, identify and evaluate discontinuities on your terms. For those who can exercise self-discipline, set up a study schedule and adhere to it, this approach would be a win-win. No time away from home or work, no out of town expenses and still get the hands-on practice! 

FREE Use Of Hands-on Tools And Samples Available For The Last 30 Day Period.

Price:  $1300

30 Days Online Refresher To Re-Take The CWI Examinations. If you took one of our course options for CWI within the last year and you think all you need is a structured lesson over the topics one more time, then this is a complete re-run of the material presented in the classroom. Videos, just like lectures in class and questions through the online training will provide an opportunity to get back in the game and hone your skills for the exams.

Price:  $500   After taking Option 1, 2 or 3