90 Days Online Access To All Three Preparatory Parts : Welding Fundamentals, Practical Exam Prep And API 1104 Or AWS D1 .1 With Opportunity To Rent Plastic Replicas And Tools. This option of preparing for the CWI exams allows our students to work their studies around their schedule in their own environment. Upon completion of the Welding Fundamentals and Code Preparation online, the replicas and tools can be rented for 30 days (with deposit) and used along with the instructional videos online for the hands-on portion of the Part B Exam. Learn to measure weld size, joint preparation, identify and evaluate discontinuities on your terms. For those who can exercise self discipline, set up a study schedule and adhere to it, this approach wouId be a win -win. No time away from home or work, no out of town expenses and still get the hands-on practice!

Extend Your Access For $500 For 30 Days, $250 For 14 Days


Hands-on Tools And Samples Available For The Last 30 Day Period.

Advance Deposit Of $1000 Is Required To Cover Replacement If Necessary. Total Deposit of $1000 Will Be Refunded II All Tools And Samples Are Returned In Good Condition. Refund Will Be Made To The Same Party Making Initial Deposit Only.



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