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Certified Welding Inspector/Educator (CWI/CWE)Preparatory (10 day) $1800
Certified Welding Inspector/Educator (CWI/CWE)Preparatory (Online) $1800
Applications of Visual Welding Inspection (40 Hours) $1050
Senior Certified Welding Inspector (SCWI) Preparatory (40 hours) $900
Certified Welding Supervisor (CWS) Course (5 Day) $900
9 Year SCWI or CWI Recertification Workshop (80 Hours) $1625
Radiographic Film Interpretation/Interpreter Preparatory (5 day) $900
Fundamentals of Welding Inspection or Advanced Visual Welding Inspection $900
Welding Procedure Fundamentals (5 day) $900
Liquid Penetrant / Magnetic Particle (PT/MT) Inspection Level I and II $800
Ultrasonic Inspection (UT) Digital Thickness $575
AWS Code Courses - AWS D1.1, D1.5 or D15.1 (40 hours) (Online) $575
ASME Section IX, B31.1 and B31.3 (40 hours) (Online) $575
API 1104 Standard (40 hours) (Online) $575
CWI Part B Examination Preparatory (40 hours in classroom) $900
CWI Part B Examination Preparatory (Online) $900
API 570 Piping Inspector (80 Hours Online) $1425
API 1169 Pipeline Inspector (40 Hours Online) $900
API 510 Pressure Vessel Inspector (80 Hours Online) $1425

Class Time

All classes begin at 8am and run a minimum of 8 hours each scheduled day. Certification preparatory courses are designed to cover a certain amount of material each day and may take beyond 8 hours. These courses also include homework.

Application for Testing to AWS

Students preparing to take the examinations offered for SCWI, CWS and CWI/CWE will be required to fill out an AWS application that must be completed and turned into Real Educational Services 7 weeks prior to the scheduled test date.   Visual Acuity Forms should accompany the initial application.  Applications received after their deadline may be assessed a late fee by AWS.   Payment for AWS membership and test fees must accompany the application for submission.

Details for SCWI/CWI/CWE Applicants

AWS limits the number of students we can test on any one test day to 50. Applications and seats for testing will be assigned a number in the order of receipt by Real Educational Services. Since several students have taken up space for testing and then decided to reschedule at the last minute, we are now forced to apply different rules than what we have used in the past.  Full payment  for  the  class  is  required   at  the  time  of  application to  be assigned  a seat for testing.

What to Bring to Class

Calculators - Most courses will require the use of a calculator.  For certification courses such as CWI/CWE, Senior CWI, CWS, API 510 and API 570 Preparatory, calculators to be used during testing must meet the requirements of the certifying organization.  Most students bring either a Construction Master or a scientific calculator. Just bring a calculator you can use or learn in class.

Tools – When use of tools is required for classroom exercises, all necessary tools will be provided by Real Educational Services. Students may, however, use their own personal tools, although this is not recommended. AWS allows a basic, scientific or the construction calculator. When tools are required for certification testing, students must use tools provided by the certifying organization, as in AWS supplying tools for all students taking the CWI/CWE/CWS examinations.

AWS Confirmation Letter and Part B SpecificationBring your package with the Part B Specification and the confirmation letter that you receive from AWS with you to class.  This could arrive as an email or via US Post Office.  If you do not receive this material before coming  to class, you should  call AWS at 800-443-9353 ext. 273.

Other materials – Student texts and workbooks are provided, as applicable and may be used for note taking. Most are the property of the student upon course completion. For certification examinations, the student must provide their own reference materials such as Codes or Standards.

Other Sources of Materials – Pre-course study materials are provided to registered students of the AWS CWI/CWE or the API 510 and 570 Preparatory courses. Upon registration and meeting deposit requirements for the class, pre-course study guides and questions are mailed to the student. Applicable reference Codes or excerpts which are the responsibility of the student may be obtained from Global Engineering Documents at 800-854-7179 or on line at Another source is Brown Book Shop in Houston, TX at 800-711-1888 or 713-652-1917 or on line at © 2017 Real Educational Services, Inc.